Develop and maintain Standard Work instruction and procedures for other control engineers or users of the control systems designed to minimize safety related issues caused by human error, and to improve consistency and efficiency of work performed.

More Uses of the Standard Work Toolkit:

  • Standardize: coach key contributors on developing a highly effective daily management process focused on management through mission control, creation of flow, adherence to Standard Work, and solid implementation of rigorous problem solving.
  • Be actively involved with improvements to the Standard Work process, evaluating potential poor ergonomic conditions through change management processes.
  • Develop and maintain quality standards of excellence, policies and procedures, Standard Workflows, and best practices for ensuring the security, quality and integrity, and availability of data.
  • Warrant that your organization recommends the purchase of training materials or participates in the development of safety and environmental training programs for managers, supervisors and employees.
  • Establish and mature the Lean Management System (tiered daily management systems, Gemba walks, and leader Standard Work) and other coaching tools to transform the culture.
  • Confirm your organization supports the development of leader Standard Work for a variety of leaders that ensures connection back to strategy deployment and prioritized improvement goals.
  • Develop and maintain Standard Work instructions/best practices in accordance with organization policies and lean/process improvement programs; identify lean improvement opportunities and partner across functions to achieve results.
  • Utilize lean manufacturing methodologies in daily Standard Work to drive improvements in safety, quality, and overall line performance.
  • Develop calibration and maintenance Standard Work and drive standardization of KPIs and Metrics related to the Equipment Calibration and Maintenance processes.
  • Ensure compliance with standard processes and tools, supports the value stream team to develop and follow the personal Standard Work (leaders and associates), yielding a culture of system, process and behavior discipline to get results.
  • Develop new methodologies, equipment and capabilities to characterize and qualify materials and components, along with associated Standard Work.
  • Supervise the quality group in development and implementation of process flow, control plans, PFMEA, and Standard Work for early product/process development.
  • Ensure your organization supports the value stream team to develop and follow personal Standard Work, yielding a culture of system, process, and behavior discipline to get results using lean principles.
  • Head: work effectively with operations and support functions to translate process improvement findings into sustained improvements and Standard Work.
  • Confirm your organization ensures all work is preformed using up to date Standard Work processes and work instructions and work with manufacturing support group to maintain up to date written work processes/Standard Work.
  • Collaborate and mitigate risk with the team by developing protocol and Standard Work to ensure continuity of processes in emergency scenarios.
  • Confirm you challenge; build and fulfill requirements needed; work closely with engineering, quality, and shipping department to ensure product is completed and shipped on time.
  • Manage work with other warehouse team members to ensure timely receipt of material from suppliers, move material to storage, pick material for customer orders, pack customer orders and performs shipping activities.
  • Control: work effectively with production and support functions to translate process improvement findings into sustainable improvements and Standard Work.
  • Maintain, update, and add as necessary site policies, procedures, Standard Work instructions, and tools to improve the efficacy of the quality management system.
  • Manage work with operations leaders to ensure that work instructions, Standard Work and training material are updated as processes are improved.
  • Audit: direct organization in meaningful strategy deployment, leader Standard Work and other core elements of an operating model/management system.
  • Govern: security devops integrating secure development best practices and methodologies into development and deployment processes; response and recover to security incidents using a Standard Workflow that limits damage and reduces recovery time and cost.
  • Orchestrate: work is performed in a traditional warehousing type environment and picking parts according to customer order and placing parts in work areas.
  • Create the basis for continuous improvement and employee empowerment by ensuring that Standard Work processes are followed, countermeasures implemented and the area is compliant with safety requirements.


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