Drupal is useful for sites like forums, social networks, blogs, resource directories and intranet applications among others.  That’s because Drupal is an open source software that enables its users to publish, organize and manage content on their sites. This is a free software so people can use it freely if they want to take advantage of the many features it offers. Among its features, of course, are podcasting, newsletters, blogs, content management systems, forums and picture galleries.

It only requires a simple download since it is a ready to use software. It is also equipped with an easy-to use web installer. Drupal offers what seems to be a complex and sophisticated programming interface but it can actually be used without any programming. As with other software, Drupal is continuously evolving as its users and developers discover the bugs and resolve the problems.  

The core modules of Drupal include many features such as access statistics and logging, comments and forums, and advanced search functions. It also has other functionalities like multi-user content creation and editing. Basic functions such as user profiles and RSS feed are included as well.

Drupal is written PHP programming language. So advanced users must be conversant in the PHP language if he wants to write Drupal codes. It is also important to know the standards in Drupal codes. For instance in indenting, there should be 2 spaces indention but there should not be any tabs or any trailing whitespace. For control structures, if, for, while and switch are used. A space should also separate the control keyword and the opening parenthesis. These are only examples as there are also standards for writing Drupal codes for function calls, function declarations and others.

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