There are basically many points to ponder on this topic. One of these is that Twitter was meant to bridge communication from one person to other persons. Any person could do this by becoming a member of Twitter’s growing family of communication-craving community.

The paradox in this is that Twitter was meant as a bridge, but in its use, it became a world of its own. In this world, there are absolutely virtual perks, and again, persons who want to experience this need only to become members.

It’s really easy and it’s not really a closed-community. How can it be a closed-community when only the membership is required?  Another point to ponder on this topic ‘twitter world’ is the world itself, which Twitter has conveniently connected Online through blogs.

And while the blogs on Twitter may be shorter than what blogs are famous for, the comments on Twitter are a cause for wonder. It is said that a posted topic on CNN’s website would have no immediate replies for an hour, which is the complete opposite of Twitter. Of course, this is a clear exaggeration on the part of the people who posted those comments, but the main thing of good point is that Twitter’ comments are really overflowing with replies.

Another point to ponder is the continued growth on the number of members of Twitter, which has been able to make itself famous on other countries as well. This is the ultimate trump card to use against their competitors, and clearly Twitter intends to stay for long.

Twitter brings people closer regardless of location and enables people to share bite sizes of what is happening in life.

The following are guides to start on using Twitter:

1. Create a Twitter Account by visiting the website.  To create a Twitter account is to enter a username, your email address and password. Your username will be your URL name that will be displayed on your Twitter page, so it is best to choose a username that will reflect your image online.

2. Start personalizing your profile by uploading a picture or avatar and background designs.  Upload a photo, which you would like your friends and family members to see online.  As for background settings, you may select from Twitter designs or you may upload your own custom background design.
3. Follow people.  At the top of your Twitter page is the “Find people” bar where you typed in the Twitter account of the people you already know or search by name or location.  Another means to find people is through the where you typed in a keyword in the search box and Twitter provides you with results of people who are talking about the keyword you have typed in.  Click the follow button to get your friend’s updates on your Twitter page.

4. Get Followed.  Let your voice be heard by sharing your thoughts, ideas and updates with others.  Other users of twitter will follow you back as a means of courtesy.  If you have a blog, website, social networking sites you may want to mention your twitter username account on those places so that people who find you interesting will follow you on your twitter account.
5.  Start Tweeting with family and friends using short text messages of up to 140 characters.

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