Knowledge management comes with information age. Stack of data, information from internal and external sources and other little bits of information are accumulated. Companies do not know what to do with them and how to manage them. Although they know the basic concept of knowledge management and existing frameworks, strategies and approaches, there is still that one step to take. That is knowledge management implementation There are available consultants that offer services to various companies on the implementation of knowledge management. The services use the company’s vision and mission and develop them for planning and implementation.

How it works? First, an implementation plan is formulated. It should be realistic and based on the business needs, available technological infrastructure and practicability. This state of planning can be reached if there is an intensive knowledge management assessment or inventory. Following assessment is the creation of a proper strategy where the mission and vision are considered. After this, the implementation of a pilot project will ensue.

This will test whether it will work in the whole organization or not. Companies should see if the consultants they are hiring are professionals. This means that they have practical experience on their fields such as project management and implementation. Companies should also make sure that consultants work with the company’s staff from plan formulation, strategy creation and the implementation of the pilot project. The main idea is that consultants should also be able to work with the available resources and not to introduce large scale and expensive projects. A company should decide to get the services of a consultant for their knowledge management implementation. The money spent on this is worth the positive changes on the organization.


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