Statewide Lidar Cost/Benefit Analysis
Sam Hall
Geospatial Projects Manager
Virginia Geographic Information Network
January 9, 2008
Virginia’ s cost/benefit analysis process
VGIN’ s plan for developing a lidar cost/benefit analysis and current progress
Virginia’ s Cost/Benefit Analysis Process
Factors to Consider
Factors to consider when evaluating a statewide (or regional) lidar collection effort:
Business needs of a diverse group of users
Size, terrain, and accessibility of project area
Alternative technologies and data sources that may meet users’ needs
Cost/befit ratio of data collection
Funding plan
Virginia’ s CBA Process
Virginia’ s CBA Process
Gather background information
Define project objectives
Document current or as is state
Estimate future requirements
Identify and measure costs and benefits
Collect and document costs
Document assumptions, choose three alternatives, estimate and document costs of all options
Identify and document benefits
Identify and quantify tangible and intangible benefits
Virginia’ s CBA Process (cont.)
Analyze data
Compare alternatives
Conduct sensitivity and risk analyses
Calculate return on investment, payback, and net present value
Document recommendation in a project proposal
VGIN’ s Plan for Developing a Cost/Benefit Analysis for Lidar Collection
Gathering Background Information
Lidar page on VGIN’ s website (coming in January 2008)
General information about lidar
Document archive (minutes, presentations, etc.)
Lidar blog
Survey of state and local government agencies (coming in January 2008)
Documenting current state, potential benefits, future needs
Survey will be accessible from VGIN website
Assistance from federal agencies and industry leaders
Gathering Background Information
Targeted meetings after the survey
Meetings with lidar vendors to review emerging technologies
Reviewing the experiences of other states
Lidar COIN or steering committee?

Identifying Costs and Benefits
Gather benefits information via survey and targeted meetings
Costs estimates will be based on a Virginia Lidar Standard that will meet most users’ needs (developed through meetings, lidar COIN, and/or steering committee)
Data Analysis and Project Proposal
Tentative schedule:
Background information gathering and cost/benefit documentation complete by spring 2008
Data analysis and project proposal complete by summer 2008


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