Status, OE Help Desk Initiative
IT Services
March 10, 2011

Updated Timeline
Physical Relocation Update
Project Resources
Project Governance
Progress to Date
Objective of Consolidated Service Desk
To provide elevated and expanded services while driving efficiencies through standardization, systems, tools and processes

One Team Approach to allow for transparency and quicker problem resolution through better collaboration and communication
Updated Timeline
Project Kickoff -Mtg with CIOs -1/6/2011
Consultant -CSC -began work -2/07/11
PM -Anuj Chaudhary -started -3/1/11
Relocation construction complete -3/7/11
Campus moved to EP- 3/7/11
Proposed Design Review Meeting -3/17/11
Finalize Design, Implementation Plan -4/15/11
Move SOM to EP -May 2011

Updated Timeline (cont)
Reduce Help Desk staff by 2 -6/30/11
Add student support to Help Desk -Sept 2011
Identify FTE requirements to support
Identify location on campus for drop in support
Complete consolidated Service Desk -12/30/11
Reduce Service Desk staff by another 4 FTEs
Physical Relocation Update
Renovated to create one large open space
All cubicles identical and ergonomic
Adding SOM to Open Scape prior to move to EP

Renovated Space
Renovated Space
Renovated Space
Project Resources
Pete Kearney from CSC
Anuj Chaudhary -PM
Service Desk Consolidation
Service-now Implementation
Shelley McIntyre -Admin/analyst support

Project Governance
IT Technology and Architecture Committee -Chair, Opinder Bawa
OE Help Desk Sub-Group -Julie Cox, Chair
Working on Project Charter
Working on representation
Working Group
Kevin Barney, Quinn Hearne, Darlena Torres, John Gingrich, John Chin, Dan Pucillo, Pete Kearney, Anuj Chaudhary

Progress To Date
Hired Consultant and Project Manager
Renovated space and moved Campus
Completed 90% of customer/staff interviews
Met with Karen Butter to look at space for student drop-in
Set up Future State Design session
Posted FAQ for project on OE Website

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