If there is one certification that is most sought-after by the professionals in the Information Technology industry, that should be the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer or MCSE certification. Basically, the person who is awarded with this certification is qualified in handling the basic requirements, creating the design and implementing the IT infrastructure of Microsoft’s computer networks.
A specific certification that you need to know about as an IT professional is the MCSE 2003. If you are planning on being MCSE 2003 certified, there are courses and elective exams that you need to take. The exam is made up of four networking tests, an exam about client operating systems, and the final exam will test your network design skills. What will be proven when taking the MCSE 2003 certification is you expertise about the Windows Server 2003 systems.
When taking any type of certification exam given out by Microsoft, it is also good to have an idea about the topics of the exam so that you will know which fields to touch and study on. For the MCSE 2003 exam, you need to learn about computer networking infrastructures, the security of the entire network and general networking information. For the more technical aspect, learn about the Microsoft Exchange Server, Active Directory and the Microsoft SQL Server. With a lot of research, perseverance and patience, you can use the aforementioned list of topics for your review prior to taking the MCSE 2003 certification exam.

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