Communicate regularly with Functional Managers, Project Management Steering Committee Members, Executive Sponsor and other project stakeholders to appraise all regarding status of the project, issues impeding progress, earned value and recovery plans for off track items/tasks.

More Uses of the Steering Committee Toolkit:

  • Be accountable for leading in the coordination of the Stress Testing Steering Committee and in the development, maintenance and delivery of your organizations Stress Testing program and Stress Testing Framework.
  • Be accountable for working closely with the project Steering Committee to ensure all needs are met.
  • Govern: moderate/advise/lead corporate information security Steering Committee meetings.
  • Coordinate: chair the monthly analytics Steering Committee and executive stakeholder engagement to ensure alignment on requirements and delivery expectations.
  • Be accountable for managing communication to stakeholders and performing stakeholder analysis, conducting and leading Steering Committee meetings.
  • Translate requirements from Strategy and Steering Committee into Designated Solutions.
  • Coordinate with the Technology Steering Committee to build alignment and ensure that information security requirements are implicit in IT architectures and security is built in by design.
  • Facilitate business alignment and communications by forming an IT risk management Steering Committee or advisory board.
  • Make sure that your project offers feedback to the Governance Steering Committee on improvements or additions to data stewardship policies and procedures.
  • Facilitate security governance across the business by serving as chair of the Security Steering Committee.
  • Be accountable for creating lean manufacturing implementation plan with process improvement management and Steering Committee.
  • Provide progress reports to the Finance Data Governance Steering Committee and oversee periodic updates to the Finance Data Governance Roadmap.
  • Establish BI prioritization/ demand management framework and lead a governance Steering Committee to set priorities, objectives, timelines and ongoing delivery to the business.
  • Establish cloud and digital enablement Steering Committee to prioritize new features, enhancements that contribute to the product backlog and to the technology roadmap.
  • Be certain that your strategy complies; influences outside direct span of control to drive prioritization and outcomes in alignment with Quality Engineering roadmap; Leads Steering Committee to facilitate buy in and drive Enterprise wide accountability.
  • Be accountable for management of the projects scope and gaining agreement and approval of scope changes with project Steering Committee and affected stakeholders.
  • Devise: preparation and communication of program status meetings to management Steering Committee and escalation of critical issues.
  • Support technology Steering Committee, developing agenda and content, timely topics, and overall maturation of the committee and its purpose.
  • Establish: work in consultation with the appointed citizen advisory committee known as the technology Steering Committee.
  • Audit: design and implement data governance organizational capabilities Steering Committee, data organizations, etc.
  • Facilitate information security governance through guidance and participation in an information security Steering Committee.
  • Confirm your organization facilitates security governance across the business in conjunction with an information security Steering Committee and advisory board.
  • Assure your group thrives as the facilitator and leader of weekly team meetings and monthly Steering Committee meetings.
  • Distribute information as pertinent to the Executive Committee, Steering Committee, and Project Team.
  • Make sure that your design acts as a Steering Committee member and executive sponsor on strategic engagements with key clients.
  • Establish information security governance and build knowledge by implementation of an information security Steering Committee or advisory board.
  • Organize, facilitate and evolve monthly project and monthly Steering Committee meetings to encourage productive dialogue and consideration at all levels across your organization.


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