Online forums are great additions to any website.  By building and setting up an online forum, administrators could create a community that will increase user engagement on their site.  Besides that, forum sites usually get top search engine rankings.  That is why most community websites make it a point to build and nurture a very active forum for their users.

The Drupal content management system, which is an open source framework using the PHP programming language, can be a very good tool for creating online forums.  Drupal CMS is not just a website building and management tool.  It can also be used for designing Web 2.0 sites because of its enhanced web services and functionalities.  

A Drupal forum is one such service which can be easily added to a website.  There is a specific forum module in the Drupal framework which can be activated by the administrator.  Once activated, the Drupal forum will be ready for editing or they can be simply left alone and allow the default configuration to work.  Administrators of the site then can set up the access rights on the Drupal forum in order to shield it from malicious users.

Web administrators however can also customize the Drupal forum if they have enough knowledge in PHP language.  Specifically, they can change the themes and designs of the forum.  They can also set additional functionalities on the forum and increase its security features.  Once the Drupal forum is live, the website can surely reap its concrete benefits.

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