In this world of digital technology, companies engage in podcasting as a mean to reaching out with their target markets.  They use podcasting as a way of marketing their products or services.  

In any podcast news, you would notice that ads are shown before the headline news is played.  This is one good example of how companies advertise their products or services through podcasting.  Others have podcasts made available on their websites, where visitors view or listen to the podcasts and get updated with company’s latest news, products and services.

Here are some basic steps if you want to start podcasting for your online business:

1. Have a microphone, a computer, podcast software and audio interface.
2. Look for podcasting services. Example of podcast service is RSS feed.
3. Organize and design a format.  It is not enough that you just talk.  You need to determine the length of your podcast to be able to cover what you really want to relate.  Think of catchy podcast name and logo, which will draw attention and spread the word online.
4. Submit your podcast to companies that provide podcast directories.  Examples of these podcast directories are the Podcast Alley, Podcast Pickle an Odeo

Make sure that you develop an interesting and entertaining podcast where your target audience will listen and get informed.  You need to be creative with your podcast making sure that your target audiences are able to think outside of the box.  It would be advisable to hire services of companies that help create podcast for businesses.

The application of business podcasting should be carefully planned.  To make it effective is to be able to define your market clearly and be able to convey what you really want your market to know.

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