The steps on creating a landing page were not fixed neither they were standardized according to a single set of procedure.  Creating a landing page has always been non-conforming to the traditional and the classic.  In fact, the manner that landing pages are created never adhered neither has it conformed to any set of rules.  However, just like any other pages that are created, a series of steps are required in order to complete the process and eventually produce an output that is passing the standard of the majority.  Below are some of the usual steps that are taken to create a landing page:

a. You start with your landing page content.  The landing page should have a very well thought content because it tries to motivate and encourage people to buy or to the least take an action about what you are trying to offer. The content that they will read needs to be something that is impacting and encouraging.  
b. Think about where to reference the link on the landing page.  The landing page needs to reference another page or website when the potential client has clicked on the link.  Make sure that the link on the landing page redirects the client to the appropriate and equally catching page.  Otherwise, all else shall be put in vain.  
c. Build a targeted list of potential client.  It is best that you know who the landing page will cater to.  Knowing the prospective clients can give lead you to the right direction in writing the appropriate content based on your readers and the kind of style to be implemented to better attract and entice these potential clients.  

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