Steps to Get ECDL Qualification

To get the necessary computer certification, one must take the ECDL qualification tests.  These exams consist of seven modules which cover the theory and practice of computer use.  ECDL certification is an important career enhancement program designed to measure the aptitude of office staff in using common office administration applications.

Candidates for certification must pass all the ECDL modules before they can be certified.  For UK examinees, the British Computer Society has added a module called Unit E in their level 2 computer certification process. 

An ECDL qualification is recognized throughout the world.  Having an ECDL certification shows that an employee is proficient in using computer applications in the workplace and will be able to handle any job that requires the use of computer. 

The first step in getting ECDL qualification is to take a computer skills practice tests.  The results of the practice test will show proficiency or insufficiency of computing skills.  The staff therefore can start formal training using the facilities and services of online ECDL training schools.  They will be given a skills assessment card which they can use to measure their own development. 

If ECDL candidates already know the practical operation of a specific module, then they are allowed to take the qualification exam for that module without undergoing formal training.  This can save lots of time and resources. 

After formal training, a practical test will be scheduled and candidates will take a time-limited examination for each of the ECDL module.  Once they successfully pass the exams, they will be given a formal certification for computer proficiency.

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