In the competitive world of Information Technology, only those individuals who are certified in the IT field get the best jobs and the highest salaries. There are a number of companies that offer certification programs but one that is on top of the list is the Cisco Certification provided by Cisco Systems. This certification program rates IT professionals and network engineers into three categories namely; the associate, the professional, and the expert. Each of these classifications requires the candidate to pass exams which were designed by the Cisco Systems.

Most of the IT professionals and the network engineers strive hard to pass the expert level of certification. This certification is known as the CCIE or Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert.  A candidate that would like to have this CCIE certification must achieve the following;

(1) the candidate must pass the CCIE written exam, and

(2) the candidate must pass the CCIE laboratory exam. 

Passing these two exams have proven difficult for most candidates and it was reported that only less than 10 percent of the candidates are successful in reaching CCIE status. Fortunately, there are programs that assist candidates to become successful in reaching CCIE certification.  One of these programs is the pass4sure CCIE program.

Pass4sure CCIE is a system that provides practice exams for CCIE certifications. Pass4sure provides the candidates with practice exams and the answers in order to help them prepare for the actual CCIE certification exams. Pass4sure claims that candidates that would use their system would pass for sure on the first attempt and even guarantees this with a 100 percent money back guarantee if you don t. 

Cisco Systems has established a certification program for persons who would like to become Information Technology (IT) professionals. Cisco career certifications have three levels, namely; Associate, Professional, and Expert. The expert-level certification is called the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) and this is the highest level of certification that Cisco Systems provides. 

Being labeled as a CCCIE is the goal of many IT professionals and network engineers. Having a CCIE certification would also mean a jump in your salary scale since CCIE engineers are said to have the highest salaries in the IT profession. However, obtaining a CCIE certification is not an easy task since a person must be able to pass a very difficult CCIE test in order to be given one.  The passing rate for the CCIE test is very low and it is estimated that only less than 10 percent of network professionals who take are successful.

To pass CCIE, a candidate must pass both the written exam and the laboratory exam in the specific area of the candidate s chosen track.  The written exam is computer-based and two hours long. In this written exam, a candidate must answer 100 questions with a passing mark of 70 percent.  After passing the written exam, a candidate can start attempting to pass the lab exam. 
The CCIE lab exam is an 8-hour difficult examination. A candidate should get a passing score of 80 percent if he/she wants to become certified by CCIE. If a candidate fail at his/her first attempt at the lab exam, s/he is given a maximum period of three years in order to pass the lab exam. If the candidate fails to pass the lab exam within the period given, then that candidate must pass the CCIE written exam again.

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