Google Spreadsheets is part of Google’s collections of office applications found on Google Docs.  If you know how to create, edit, and manipulate data on Excel or any other spreadsheet program, then you will find Google Spreadsheet very easy to use.

All the basic tools that can be found on any spreadsheet programs are also available on Google Spreadsheets.  In fact, you can upload a spreadsheet file from your computer to Google Spreadsheets.  The integration is seamless so you can edit your file immediately and share it with your team.

Real time collaboration is possible when using Google Spreadsheets.  If you have an open spreadsheet document on your work area, simply click the share button to invite your peers to view the document.

Once you invited your peers, Google will send a link to them to access the spreadsheet file.  They need to log-in to their Google Docs account to view the spreadsheet.  Once your colleagues are online, you can now start team collaboration in making revisions to the document.

To enhance this collaboration process, Google provided a chat function so you can interact with your team.  The chat utility can speed up the effort because you can discuss in real time any important change that should be made on the document.  Anyone on your team can make changes and these changes will be tracked automatically.

Once you’re done, you can save the spreadsheet to your computer by locating the command “Download as XLS” on the File menu.  You can also print the file immediately without losing the layout of the spreadsheet.  

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