Make sure that your organization leads the engineering design, testing and deployment of new technologies, develops and executes detailed plans for infrastructure improvements, lifecycle replacement, firmware updates, application of new Stigs and security policies.

More Uses of the Stigs Toolkit:

  • Ensure you cultivate; lead the Risk Management Framework, associated security controls, and Stigs.
  • Be accountable for applying security to systems and/or network with Stigs or other security standards.
  • Be accountable for patching and applying Security Technical Implementation Guides (Stigs) at the database and application level.
  • Methodize: conduct analysis to ensure the proper security technical implementation guides (Stigs) for each system component are applied.
  • Be accountable for utilizing vulnerability scan tools and conducting in depth analysis of the results against Security Technical Implementation Guides (Stigs).
  • Be accountable for creating security technical implementation guidelines (Stigs) for the remote access methods.
  • Ensure system/component settings remain in order, as specified by security guidelines and Stigs.
  • Deploy Stigs and validating compliance.
  • Supervise: analyzing security technical implementation guides (Stigs) on Windows based application software systems.
  • Methodize: security technical implementation guides (Stigs).
  • Methodize: monitor, review, and update Stigs and security controls.
  • Govern: management and application of security technical implementation guides (Stigs).
  • Develop and maintain Standard Technical Implementation Guides (Stigs).
  • Organize: security technical implementation guidance (Stigs).


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