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Work with a team of other developers and backend engineers to deliver big data architecture and easy-to-use mapping tools to make sense of all geospatial data through rich visualizations and unique storytelling technology Design new end-to-end processes for the data collection and cataloging of map data from public and private data providers. .


    • How does the use of storytelling help preserve your organizations mission and impacts in society?
    • How does storytelling come in to play when using data to show impact?
    • What does storytelling have to do with your business success?
    • What kinds of impact does digital storytelling have in community contexts and how are impacts understood?
    • How do you use story writing and storytelling to help solve everyday problems?
    • How does storytelling make a brand stronger?
    • How would your storytelling have been different if you were allowed to use dialogue?
    • How do you use data driven storytelling to increase the impact of your reporting?
    • What is data storytelling and why does it matter?
    • What does storytelling have to do with sustainability?

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