Strategies are made to anticipate future events.  Techniques
are formulated as a solution or answer to goals or
objectives that organizations wants to achieved.  These
are all undertaken after having to consider what the
organization wants to deliver to its customers and at
same time expect its employees to perform.  Customers
and employees at work behave for a reason.  Customers
patronize the products and services based on what the
benefits it can do for them.  Likewise, employees
continue to be loyal and work hard for the organization
for things that they value.  It is obvious success is attained
when things are done smoothly and activities are
carried out as planned. 

IT Management Strategic function is to come up with
day to day tactical operations as well as to plan for
long range activities.  Strategic planning may involve
change in the operations and it is in this process that
some IT professionals are given tasks to be involved. 
IT strategic management should be able to align IT
goals with that of the business enterprise.  Management
of IT strategic should realize that there is wide
competition in the market industry, and strategies
would have to be undertaken so as to compete or
take a step on the lead to business endeavor. 
Included in the IT Management Strategic are the
process of establishing the purpose and benefits
of the mission statements, vision statements, and
corporate values, and the process developing
strategic guideposts.   These are factors that
should be keyed in the coming up of an IT
management strategic plan for an organization.


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