Strategic Planning for Information Systems: A Book to Buy for the Long-run

Many people say that books are generally good investments, but in reality this is incorrect as books that are considered rare are the only books that are considered good investment.
But, rather, books are good for investment, especially if these are books that contain valuable Information about an interesting, yet money-worthy expense.

As in the case of Management Information Systems (MIS), the book entitled, “Strategic Planning for Information Systems” is a must-have.
Many people will ask why this is so, and the answer to this can be easily found in the title itself.
Today, Information Systems are the coming thing, and if indeed it has already come, then it is an Industry that will grow even more.
Strategic planning makes Information Systems an important tool that could definitely bear fruits in the long-run.

This is like the laying down of train track lines on a still unpopulated region of a country, but with the expectation that in any time in the future, that backwater place will become a major industrial town of some sort.
Now the book tackles the purposes in which strategic planning must be thought off and maintained throughout the use of Information Systems, as well as delivering an explanation on how Information Systems can in the long-run affect Business, which pretty well sums up why it should be invested in.

These effects towards Business can also result to changes in the development of the Organization, which will be strategic in nature, owing to Information Systems.
And this presents the ultimately prime reason why this book should be bought. 

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