Success with CCIE Rack Training

Practice really makes perfect. Though these words are very common, they still tell something about patience and humility. Even in taking Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification needs lots of trainings and experiences. When speaking about CCIE practice or training, what becomes a common way to do it is to have CCIE rack and learn from using it.

It is true that Cisco do not require experience before taking the CCIE exam. But the exam provider and almost all CCIE certified individuals have recommended having experience taking one of the most difficult exams in the IT world and one of the most expensive. Having CCIE rack and training with that hardware device is one of the most effective ways in getting hands-on the Cisco Internetworking.

If one would get the exam without being trained with CCIE rack, he would probably lost thousands of dollars. Not only that, time, effort, and travel will all be useless if one fails this.

At least $315 is needed per attempt in taking the written CCIE exam while the lab exam costs about $1,400 per attempt. All-in-all expenses of one candidate for CCIE certification attempt is $9,050 on the average. Moreover, there is also travel expenses needed for this exam since there are only few Cisco laboratories that offers examination worldwide like in Beijing, Dubai, Brussels, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, and Sydney.

As always advised, it is always better to join a battle prepared. Since the lab exam is the more expensive and more difficult CCIE exam, having CCIE rack is the best way to ensure a passing rate. If one cannot afford to buy his own CCIE rack, he can just rent one. There are websites that provide CCIE rack renter on per-hour rate.

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