People have their own unique and individual means and ways on how they can hurdle examinations.   Some are bending into having a review class from some of the most renowned training institutions while others who can afford resort into having a private tutor to teach them on a more personal note.  For some others who do not have the financial means to spend for extra classes, they manage to do self-review. 

Self-reviewing is one of the most common mechanisms and found to be an effective methodology that examinees use in order to pass the ISTQB certification.  However, there are a few tips and techniques that one needs to follow when doing a self-review.  Below are just some of them:

a. Collate and gather all possible study materials that you can and have these properly evaluated.  Although there are numerous papers and documents that you can collect from previous examinees, some of these may be no longer necessary and needed as they have reached obsolescence.  Eliminate intelligently all those which are not needed and concentrate on studying those which are still essential.
b. Do not overload yourself with things to study.  Make sure that you segregate all varying topics and create a hierarchy based on priority or difficulty.  The priority should always be the one which you find most difficult to understand and comprehend. 
c. Never stress yourself with studying all the time.  Have some relaxation time and never let the moment to relax pass by.  Your mind just like anything else needs to rest and have fun.  Engage in some extra curricular activities when you have more time.

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