Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP): What To Expect SCJP Test Questions

Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) is considered to be a Java entry level exam. This is actually a prerequisite test to numerous certifications in Java. This test will enable you to have the basic knowledge in Java programming language. SCJP examines the variables and looping constructs. This does not deal with particular technologies like network programming and GUI creation.

This test is evaluated by automated test systems. The exam consists of 72 multiple choice questions and allows you to finish it in 175 minutes. The passing grade of this test is 59% that requires you to have at lest 43 correct answers. To be able to have the test, you need to take it at the Prometric test center and purchase your voucher and from Sun. This will cost you roughly about $200. You can schedule and get your reservation a week before the examination. The questions in this test are basically full of drag and drop and multiple choices. This comprises 20-25% of the examination.

The main objective of this examination is to enhance the skills and not just know the theories of the course. That is why it is performance based test and not based on knowledge. This test will focus much on how you deal with real scenarios and writing codes in the system. The test questions do not put much stress on theories and memorization. To be able to have good look on possible test questions what to expect on the exam, you can check out SCJP practice tests to prepare yourself for the real thing.

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