Supplement your ITIL training with a slide show

What an ITIL v3 PPT (power point presentation) can offer you as a student


While there’s certainly no substitute for a great ITIL training / certification program (especially if it’s a top e-learning enabled one), there are a number of excellent slide shows available (via the web) that will only further enable you to comprehend specific elements of ITIL. Many of these PPT-developed or enabled (power point presentations) slide shows are often times constructed by well known individuals that work for major corporations or perhaps are well-known experts / educators in the ITIL and IT fields. Furthermore, given that these PPT / slideshows are largely simplified / “boiled-down” reflections which (more or less) represent the entirety of what experts in these fields think students should focus on, it serves those who are eager to really learn, very well.

One of the most searched for keyword strings among those potentially seeking ITIL certification (or perhaps those merely trying to absorb as much information about ITIL as possible) is in fact; ITIL V3 PPT. What this tells us is that most individuals are apparently electing to study or become certified in ITIL V3 (obviously), and are in need of a simple presentation which can provide a more basic overview of ITIL (V3) and its components. It could be argued that the ITIL community isn’t necessarily doing enough to create basic introductory / informative materials for ITIL initiates or those who are newly interested in it.

So, why are people so intent to study ITIL V3 in lieu of a more recent build / release (like ITIL 2011)? When many fail to realize is that the actual bulk content of ITIL 2011 is largely unchanged from V3. The major differences between the two have to do with a complete restructuring (to allow for easier searching / study) and the creation of a definitive glossary. Additionally, many of the terms which the ITIL training community found that were considered to be either too ambiguous, or perhaps not defined the same way across multiple volumes, were fixed / altered. However once again, the major portions of the ITIL are largely unchanged from V3 to 2011; the main advantage being that it’s probably much easier to study with ITIL 2011.

Here are a few notable examples of ITIL V3 power point presentations / slide shows / ITIL overviews that you might want to check out:

If you’re an IT professional and still in the “contemplative phase” concerning whether or not you should take the plunge into attaining your ITIL certification, here are some excellent points to consider:

Employers and IT managers appreciate IT employees who are ITIL certified
Landing your “perfect career” is becoming increasingly difficult given the global economic downturn and increasing job competition. As a result of these factors (and other considerations), today’s employers are looking for ways to ensure that their choices (regarding choosing new employees) are going to be able to deliver something of value to the company.

Additionally, those who primarily come from a background in business tend to view ITIL in a favorable light. This is because, through the use and implementation of ITIL, it is possible to create more value from one’s IT department than might have been previously possible. Through the application of the various methodologies inherent to the ITIL itself, virtually any IT group can dramatically increase their overall efficiency.

Most IT managers are ITIL certified
It should probably come as no surprise that those who are tasked with overseeing operations for an entire IT department would be certified in ITIL. After all, what is ITIL aside from being a complete compendium of the most effective IT infrastructure-related methodologies, practices and fixes?

ITIL certification means potential salary increases
If you believe the reports coming from the government concerning salary / wage increases in specific sectors of IT-related careers, all evidence seems to point toward ITIL being responsible for significant boosts in personal earning power.

Take your ITIL certification online, via an e-learning program
Now, you don’t even need to attend physical classes or sink ridiculous sums of cash into your ITIL certification; thanks to ITIL e-learning, you can take your course online. What this essentially means is that you can get all of your training materials delivered to you digitally and you don’t have to worry about class / study time interfering with your current work schedule. Moreover, with an ITIL e-learning / certification course, you can take your materials with you wherever you might go; in other words, deploy your program on any device including tablets, smartphones, PC’s, and Mac’s.

What you’re really looking at here is professional development that’s optimized for the new century. Get involved and get your certification today (ahead of everyone else).  Click here for a complete ITIL 2011 certification package / solution.

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