Ready to use prioritized Supply Chain Cybersecurity requirements, to:

Oversee that your design researches purchasing trends, threats/risks to the supply chain, and develops sourcing and procurement strategies to mitigate risk to the supply chain and ensure business continuity. .


    • Encourage adoption of digital tools and sharing data securely across the trading parties so that access to real time data & visibility is accessible for everyone.
    • Account for security and risk management when your employees are software.
    • Better involve business function system owners in security planning.
    • Know that your supply chain has the same standard of cyber hygiene and resilience as your own entity.
    • Analyse supply chain performance from a risk management viewpoint.
    • Draft risk management plans for high risk activities and special events.
    • Monitor what happens to your data over a diverse cloud based supply chain.
    • Respond and recover quickly when your data and applications reside in many different locations.
    • Develop cyber supply chain management strategies.
    • Trust the data that is being used.

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