Be accountable for working with technology teams and product managers to develop new tools and systems to support the growth of the business.

More Uses of the Supply Chain Network Design Toolkit:

  • Be accountable for leading end to end network initiatives involving multiple stakeholders.
  • Be accountable for manufacturing operations improvement.
  • Standardize: where the delivery capacity is more than doubled.
  • Be accountable for defining metrics to measure and monitor supply chain performance, inbound flows and transportation metrics.
  • Pilot: project delivery on time, budget and quality.
  • Ensure you classify; increased cost efficiency in solution delivery.
  • Ensure you integrate; structured project management (time, team and work stream management).
  • Steer: project/program/product management non tech.
  • Organize: simplification of solution portfolio.
  • Develop high level planning model to support inventory optimization across supply chain networks.
  • Identify: optimal number and location of distribution centers / network configuration.
  • Formulate: baseline warehousing and distribution network cost structure and capacity utilization.
  • Be accountable for understanding opportunities and challenges.
  • Be accountable for interacting with and influencing field operations leaders.
  • Identify: pre acquisition operations.
  • Be accountable for generating complex queries to dive deep on process issues.


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