Lead systems security as anti virus, multi factor authentication, host based IPS/IDS, host based Firewalls, encryption technologies, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and System Hardening standards.

More Uses of the System Hardening Toolkit:

  • Create and configure system auditing and secure System Hardening standards.
  • Secure that your enterprise provides guidance on system security architecture, design and configurations, System Hardening and cryptographic implementations to mission partners and site leads.
  • Develop and maintain System Hardening standards.
  • Be accountable for installing, patching, and System Hardening.
  • Guide: System Hardening, vulnerability scanning, and/or other Cybersecurity related tasks.
  • Simplify operating System Hardening concepts and techniques.
  • Arrange that your organization applies System Hardening best practices to workstations and servers.
  • Be accountable for operating System Hardening concepts and techniques.
  • Deploy, administer and performance tune workstation group policies related to System Hardening procedures and policies.
  • Oversee: deep technical knowledge around System Hardening, automation, log aggregation and monitoring.
  • Evaluate: design, develop, and maintain security tools as SIEM systems, network log analyzers, and System Hardening scripts.
  • Manage work with operational teams on operating System Hardening standards.
  • Coordinate with other teams in IT to enforce standards for endpoint security, vulnerability management, and System Hardening.
  • Initiate: common mitigation controls and System Hardening.
  • Organize: implement industry best practices for System Hardening and performance management.
  • Arrange that your planning complies; designs and implements action plans for policy creation and governance, System Hardening, monitoring, incident response, disaster recovery, and emerging Cybersecurity threats.
  • Perform System Hardening techniques to secure client workstations.
  • Establish: implement industry best practices for System Hardening, configuration management, with a drive towards automating repetitive tasks.


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