Monitor production and quality control systems, analyze production, quality control, or other operational reports to detect production or process problems.

More Uses of the Systemic Design Toolkit:

  • Establish: project management leadership.
  • Manage: information architecture design.
  • Analyze production processes and recommend process improvements to gain efficiencies.
  • Methodize: clearly present and communicate data informed design ideas, vision, and strategy through visual storytelling.
  • Oversee: design, develop and maintain mechanical systems and process improvements utilizing engineering principles, organization standards and guidance from OEMs.
  • Communicate high level concepts to different team members.
  • Standardize: work side by side with mechanical maintenance personnel to accomplish goals/projects.
  • Oversee: installation plans, work flow design, maintenance strategies, operating strategies, etc.
  • Supervise: participatory and iterative design techniques.
  • Ensure you maximize; lead the team to creating artwork that meets your high quality standards all the way to shipping.
  • Give and take constructive feedback, and communicate clear goals and outcomes to your team.
  • Supervise: work across teams to support and implement overarching design decisions.


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