Make sure that your organization as the market leading choice for modern business intelligence, the Tableau platform is known for taking any kind of data from almost any system and turning it into actionable insights with speed and ease.

More Uses of the Tableau Toolkit:

  • Assure your strategy acquires data from a variety of data sources for use by Tableau dashboards and reports.
  • Develop and document standards/best practices for development and administration of the Tableau platform.
  • Be certain that your enterprise creates and maintains new data marts for use in Tableau Server in partnership with the Data Architecture team.
  • Facilitate data democratization through the design and delivery of data visualizations (Tableau).
  • Help implement the data analytics vision for business decision making through Tableau dashboard design.
  • Manage: Tableau development with an expertise to create visualizations that provide business insights for your partners.
  • Ensure you produce; build Tableau based reports to monitor data usage and adherence to data usage policies.
  • Develop: conduct performance tuning so that the Tableau dashboards meet the acceptable threshold of response time as specified by standard non functional requirements.
  • Drive: performance tuning / server management of Tableau server environment (clustering, load balancing).
  • Provide appropriate training and support to business users on the use of Tableau interactive web reports, and Tableau Desktop.
  • Be accountable for leading dashboard and report development in Tableau, Power BI or other data visualization tools.
  • Help in establishing Data Quality practices by building metrics dashboards to report Data Maturity (based on established Data Maturity Model Framework), Data Quality Indicators using Tableau.
  • Enable data driven operational and decisions through predictive insights using software as Tableau and create a KPI monitoring solution.
  • Evaluate: technology wise, you increasingly live in the cloud using snowflake, Tableau, power BI, and other tools for loading, extracting, transforming, and visualizing your data to provide solutions.
  • Audit: design, prototyping and development of dashboards using Tableau for various organizational metrics.
  • Evaluate: design, develop and maintain business intelligence solutions using Tableau, power BI, or similar data analysis tools.
  • Steer: data visualization using power BI and Tableau to create dashboard for insights and user interaction.
  • Develop report, dashboards using Tableau for quick review to be presented to Business and IT users.
  • Collect, process, and clean data from disparate sources using Tableau Prep, Tableau or other scripting and statistical tools.


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