What else could be your reason why you are almost killing yourself learning as much as you can about Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician or MCDST? Of course the answer would be: you want to pass the MCDST, you want to become a certified Desktop Support Technician.

Actually, there are more courses presented by Microsoft which depend on what specialization an IT professional wants to earn. However, each course requires the candidate to pass the exams provided to gauge whether the candidate meets the standard Microsoft sets in producing highly-efficient technicians, administrators, developers, and other professions that can successfully perform the tasks exclusive for their job description.

Passing the MCDST exam can lead to greater opportunities in the part of candidates. And the truth is; Microsoft is also doing everything they can to prevent failures in the part of the candidates by providing them with numerous resources and materials such as books which are designed to assist and to prepare the candidates for the examinations.

MCDST examinations shouldn’t be taken for granted since obtaining the certification for a particular course depends greatly on the performance of the candidates during the examination. Yes, it be either pass or fail, however the probability of passing is greater since Microsoft provided everything you need in qualifying for a certification since the very beginning.

Tutorials in the form of E-learning, sample scenarios of examination available online and other materials such as books and resources should be maximized by the candidates to assure of a slot on the list of the certified IT professionals


Though the MCDST examinations will definitely test your technical skills and knowledge in troubleshooting of helpdesk environment, hardware, software and other areas of technical expertise you should still do your part and complete many preparations to pass the exams and to eventually become licensed or certified in a particular field of Information Technology you have chosen.

Despite the fact that Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician or MCDST is merely an entry-level certification it could open many possibilities and opportunities to you once you passed the tests and further enhance your career in the world of IT industry.

It would not hurt you a bit if you avail of free MCDST study which only requires you to sign-up which would not even take longer as you expected. Just imagine the huge amount of benefits you will receive from the free study lessons. More so, through the free MCDST studies which were actually made thoroughly for the benefits of all candidates it actually covers everything you are required to know before taking the MCDST examinations.

The skills and competencies in help desk support, customer support representative, PC support specialist, technical support specialist and other positions available in multinational companies like Microsoft itself are provided in the free MCDST study.

Video trainings are also produced to fully reach out to those who seriously want to expand their knowledge when it comes to learning technicality skills. This training experience will definitely provide the classroom experience on a different method. Furthermore, practice exams found online can also serve as one way of studying MCDST since it prepares the candidate in facing the real exam which could also lessen the anxiety level the candidates are experiencing which in return can affect their performance during the examinations.

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