A school, a company or even an appliance has a handbook so that they would be guided on the right conduct that is expected of the users or the one concerned. And a deviation on what is written on the handbook, can most of the time put the user or the person concerned to be in such trouble. These handbooks serve as guides to those who are new and old users. This is just the same with the Drupal handbooks.

Actually these handbooks are very helpful to those who wants to know Drupal and to those who already know how to use Drupal. They are good reference to novice and experienced Drupal users. These handbooks actually have all the documentation need so that you would be able to manage the software with ease.

Drupal is a software that would allow so much functionalities such as creating personal or corporate websites, creating ecommerce applications, creating directories, social networking sites, blogs, content management system, forums, picture galleries, newsletters and so much more. And with all these things that you can do on Drupal, it is just put proper that you get hold of a Drupal handbook so that you would be guided on how to go along with these functionalities that you can do on the software. You do not want to get mislead and lost along the way since you might be wasting time. A handbook would walk you easily to managing the software and get you to do what you want to accomplish with Drupal.

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