Previously, Web 2.0 was perceived as a meaningless concept. But when the time comes that this phrase resounds and finally gain its meaning to the market, many people became interested to learn Web 2.0. Numbers of people nowadays perceive that learning Web 2.0 is a form of building a community with sustainable guidance, success stories and best practices. This is also why there are already organizations nowadays which offer assistance to help people build their web 2.0 sites successfully.

The conception of Web 2.0 actually started with a conference brainstorming meeting between MediaLive International and O’Reilly. Web pioneer Dale Dougherty and VP O’Reilly were able to perceive the growing importance of web because of the emergence of new sites and bracing new applications. These occurrences gave them the mark to create a turning point for the web—giving birth to Web 2.0.

From that time on, Web 2.0 Conference was also built. But as what was mentioned, the acceptance for Web 2.0 was harsh at first. Many recognized it as a meaningless marketing catchphrase. Good thing, there were also some people who accepted this as new form of uprooting wisdom. But things do change after sometime; Web 2.0 is already widely accepted these days as a living term that describes the development in the use of World Wide Web when it comes to design and technology, which intends to improve creativity, web functionality, information sharing, and collaboration.

Now that the essence of Web 2.0 is clearly understood by the market many people now became interested to learn more of this concept too. It has been a challenge for numbers of people to learn the ways for effective evolution and development of web-based communities like blogs and social-networking sites.  

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