The Certified Information System Security Professional or CISSP is certainly a certificate most IT professionals long to have because of its standards in certifying a candidates eligibility of IT security. With a CISSP certificate, many IT professionals have blooming careers in the IT industry and are ranked as the best paid employees in the world.  But although anyone with the proper requirements can take the exam, passing it can be very challenging.  It is because of this that the Official ISC 2 Guide to the CISSP Exam was released and has now become one of the most important reference books for CISSP hopefuls.

The Official ISC 2 Guide to the CISSP Exam is a book published with the specific purpose of giving candidates not just an overview of the exams they are going to take but a complete and comprehensive discussion on the different topics of IT Security. This book covers the ten domains which comprise the ISC 2 Common Body of Knowledge.  It is imperative that a mastery of these ten domains be a part of every candidates knowledge because these will be the basis of the CISSP exam.

It is a well known fact that almost every IT certification around the world is based on the CISSP exam.  The CISSP has become its own standard when it comes to the quality of IT systems security.  It is for this reason that the Official ISC 2 Guide to the CISSP Exam was created so that it may help you in as you study and review for the CISSP test.  Its study guides will certainly be a big help in passing the exams.

People who hold the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Cisco Certified Security Professional (CCSP) forms of accreditation are two types of IT professionals that are certain of career advancement, high industry demand for their services and an increase in work potential due to their CISSP and CSSP training. Both of these types of IT personnel are responsible professionals in the field of networking, information and systems security. Although the CISSP accreditation only requires one exam for certification and CCSP sets five exams for you to hurdle, both careers require continuous education anyway. Therefore, books (and other informational and educational types of study materials) for advancement are a welcome form of support for people pursuing both careers.

Since the demand for both types of professionals is high, information and education for both are available in different mediums. Study and review materials are all available online, You now have the advantage to choose the best based on price, presentation and content as you please. Everything – from basic lessons, to certification information, review questions, and sample or actual test questions are all available on line. Career option updates can also be had for free or if you pay a certain fee.

Choosing the right books for your career is not simple. It is important to choose the best online CISSP or CCSP books you can get because these books cost quite a bit of money. There are content providers who are good at marketing and presentation online – but content wise, they are sub-standard. Get the best-priced book that will provide you with much-needed information by asking around. Professors, instructors and even those who have gone ahead of you on these two career paths are good sources of referrals for a reliable supplier of good online CISSP and CCSP books. You can also check out professional publications for their reviews of such books.

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