The MCITP 2008 certification series are the latest credentialing procedures of Microsoft.  The 2008 exams are geared towards the new product releases of Microsoft such as Vista operating system, Windows Sever 2008, SQL Server 2008, among others.  The MCITP 2008 certification therefore is important because more companies are now implementing systems migrations to the latest Microsoft products.  

The 2008 series of MCITP could provide an edge to IT professionals over other IT practitioners.  Some IT specialists however are taking the MCSE 2003 as a preparation for the MCITP 2008 series.  It serves as their first step towards the 2008 credentialing system for Microsoft professionals. This can also be useful because there are many IT environments that are still running Server 2003 versions and have yet to migrate to Vista operating system.  

For best results, IT professionals should carefully survey the IT industry where they plan to work.  If more companies are still running on 2003 environments, then the 2003 certification modules would be their best options.  However, they should still prepare for the MCITP 2008 certification series so that they can easily pass the exam if ever they take it in the future.  

For IT professionals that already have certifications on 2003 modules, then it is best to immediately prepare for and take the MCITP 2008 credentialing process.  In this way, they will have additional certifications which could help improve their IT careers.  Taking the 2008 certifications will be advantageous also for IT professionals who want to move forward and join a company that has the latest Windows Server versions.  

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