Books are the most common review materials used by those who want to become certified on any Microsoft Certified IT Professional certification exams. However, for those who don’t have time to read books or find books so boring, there are still other review choices. One of the best ways to review on this is taking tutorial MCITP. Tutorial MCITP is ideal for those who have fixed time to do the review or for those who learn more effectively by tutorial. With tutorials, the examinee can have better efficient time and method to review through the help of professionals who are knowledgeable on MCITP. Unlike using books, tutorials may allow the reviewer to ask further questions and further explanations, making him understand the topic better. Having someone to share idea and experiences with is also possible with tutorial MCITP. However, there are downsides of choosing tutorial MCITP. Reviewers who cannot adjust their time for tutorials are not advisable to take this, instead, a book is a better option. Also, tutorials are more expensive compared to using books. The reviewer needs to pay a professional in MCITP, which is definitely far more expensive than just having a book. For those who are interested to take tutorial MCITP despite its downside, there are online advertisements about it. Different professionals are willing to teach those who want to become MCITP professionals. However, it should be noted that some of these tutors are not real professionals on teaching MCITP. It is better to check the background of the tutor or better if the tutors are duly recognized by the Microsoft.

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