Ready to use prioritized Target Operating Model requirements, to:

Enable client business and technology leaders and their organizations to positively affect business outcomes by applying a holistic people, process and technology mindset to business alignment, technology strategy and technology tactics in the space of Advanced Analytics and Data Driven mindset. .


    • Use risk management as a way to make your business more efficient, to reduce manual intervention, and minimise risk and control errors.
    • Get management to understand the importance of data governance.
    • Get your partners aligned with the key performance measures of your business vs. traditional outsourcing.
    • Measure the success of data and technology transformation.
    • Organize yourself in order to support the future business model.
    • Evaluate value and impact to the business if compromised.
    • Get sufficient assurance on your risk management investment.
    • Maintain the EA in the midst of evolving systems and new business requirements.
    • Resource proof of concept efforts to show early impact and demonstrate potential to fellow business leaders.
    • Transition to the new model without degrading live service and project delivery.

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