Cohort 2 Focus School Technical Assistance Webinar Session 1

October 21, 2013

Yvonne A. Holloman, Ph.D.
Associate Director
Office of School Improvement
Virginia Department of Education


Indistar ( Six-Step Improvement Planning Process
A web-based tool for assessing, planning, implementing, and monitoring progress toward the rapid improvement indicators.
Step 1 -Register school
Step 2 -Provide school information
Step 3 -Form school team
Step 4 -Assess school indicators
Step 5 -Create school plan
Step 6 -Monitor school plan

Instructional Planning
Differentiation of Instruction
Teacher-Directed Whole-Class or Small Group Instruction
Computer-Based Instruction
Classroom Management
Team Structures
Principal’ s Role
Formative Assessment
Targeted Interventions

Assess -Plan – Monitor
Focus Questions: (Assess school indicators)
How will the school improvement team involve the entire staff in the selection of rapid improvement indicators that address the needs of the school?
What data were used to determine the needs of the school?
How will the required VDOE-approved adaptive reading assessment program be used as part of the assessment of indicator TA01?
How will the required Algebra Readiness Diagnostic Test (ARDT) or other VDOE- approved mathematics assessment be used as part of the assessment of indicator TA01?
How was consensus reached regarding the indicators that were ultimately selected?
Selecting Indicators to Assess
Selecting Indicators to Assess

Notice the Wise Ways link?
Wise Ways Is a Built-In Reference Tool that Provides a Synthesis of the Research that Supports the Indicator AND Provides Real, How-to, High-leverage Strategies for Attaining It

Agendas and Meeting Minutes

School- and division-level teams are required to enter meeting agendas and minutes on
a monthly basis using Indistar.
Meeting minutes should contain a summary of topics discussed during the meeting.
When reporting actions/decisions, meeting minutes should not include the names of
specific individuals.
Minimum components:
Indicators and tasks discussed
Student data reviewed
Decisions made as a result of reviewing improvement plan tasks and student data
Meeting minutes do not serve as a substitute for entering status comments into the
monitoring section of a school improvement plan.
Agendas and meeting minutes are subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Next Steps

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