There have been cries of joy and adulation in the halls of The Art of Service.  There have also been cries of pain from hair pulling at the same time… Why??? – Because ITSM Library has finally released the new “Foundations of IT Service Management Based on ITIL® V3!  Allow me to explain…. (You know I will anyway, regardlessJ)


When ITIL® V3 was released via the 5 ITIL® Service Lifecycle Books, APMG (organizing control body over ITIL®) also issued the “Foundations Syllabus”.  This became our reference point for determining our Foundations Program.  What is perfectly clear with the Service Lifecycle is that ambiguity regarding the processes and functions for each phase.  How easy and nice would it have been if they had a table outlining all phases and their respective processes and functions, and then the syllabus using the same? – But alas, alack – no such thing…


So interpretation between the Syllabus and Books comes into play.  We have developed and implemented a very successful Program (based on Exam pass rates), and have now begun our review to ensure that we are delivering the best program to meet our clients’ needs…

Joy and tribulation – the new Foundation texts have arrived – fantastic! – These are going to be our “class Text”.  These are very comprehensive books which cover way more than needed at foundation level.


Screams and yells – the new Foundation book could have come 2 weeks earlier – BEFORE we had nearly finished our review and rewrite!


However – late is better than not at all! – And we are really excited about the Quality of the Foundation Program!


The Good news – The book have clearly listed all processes and functions and where they fit…Superb – clarity reigns – confusion removed – not for us – but for you!


Tomorrow, I want to discuss the role of SLM and where it “fits” in The Service Lifecycle – as this has been an ongoing discussion pint for us here at The Art of Service, especially in the light of the new book!


Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service!




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