Develop individual skills through training, Technical Manuals, and other means to be able to act as system expert in one or more technical areas for the purpose of maintenance, testing, tuning, training, and warranty situations.

More Uses of the Technical Manuals Toolkit:

  • Be accountable for supporting development of operating procedures and user Technical Manuals.
  • Be accountable for providing technical and programmatic oversight to subcontractors or remote business partners for the development of training materials and Technical Manuals.
  • Develop and ensure deployment documentation as design and environment specifications, user and Technical Manuals, and process documentation.
  • Provide skill in analyzing and interpreting engineering drawing, Technical Manuals, and technical data associated with specific systems/equipment assigned.
  • Deliver the status of configuration control and logistics documentation as Technical Manuals, preventative maintenance system, operations support system, safety, and provisioning documentation.
  • Ensure you commit; read Technical Manuals, confer with customers, and conduct computer diagnostics to investigate and resolve incidents.
  • Govern: clean up CAD drawings and illustrated designs for inclusion in Technical Manuals.
  • Ensure your enterprise evaluates and plans software designs, test results and Technical Manuals.
  • Be accountable for reading, interpreting, and applying technical data as blueprints, engineering drawings, product specifications, or Technical Manuals.
  • Systematize: configuration management specialization (Technical Manuals).


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