Currently, the most common types of connections that customers use to connect to the internet are dial-up and broadband. When customers are having difficulties connecting to the internet and access web sites, they usually turn to the technical support help desk to have their concerns addressed and resolved as fast as possible.

If customer is on a dial-up connection, what are the possible reasons why he or she is unable to connect to the internet? Here are some of them:

(1) Phone line issues – It could be that the phone that the customer is using does not have a dial tone. It is also possible that line noise or interference prevents the modem from dialing up. Another possibility is that a bad weather conditions like heavy winds, thunderstorms and typhoons, causing a very bad phone line.

(2) Incorrect physical connections – Make sure that one end of the phone cord is connected to the wall and the other end is connected computer’s modem on the port that says Line or Telco.

(3) Outdated modem settings – The modem may not be functioning as designed causing the customer’s inability to connect to the internet. The modem should have an updated driver to make sure it is in good working condition.

(4) Bad Access Numbers – Heavily congested access number may have caused the issue. Report the issue as soon as possible and have the customer dial a different number.

If customer is connecting via broadband, here are some of the reasons of poor connectivity:

(1) System Maintenance – Check for current system maintenance on the customer’s area.

(2) Unstable broadband connection – if customer is unable to access the internet using the browser, then help him or her in reconfiguring the connection.

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