You provide anti-piracy plans, counter piracy services, and technology development initiatives worldwide, your expert team employs cutting-edge physical and electronic methodology used to detect and counter-surveillance devices, technical security hazards, and related physical security deficiencies. In short, as the name suggests it is the art of identifying an individual or group that is attempting to obtain intelligence by placing your client under surveillance.

Long Counter

Working directly with business owners, executive management and IT professionals, your team develop a set of organizational, procedural and technical counter measures, which ensure risks remain controlled and managed at an acceptable level, responsible for protective service tactics, anti-ambush operations, counter-surveillance. For instance, ddos recommend administrative procedures and policies, participate in long-range planning, and provide guidance on detention and removal operations, policies and requirements.

Confidential Tools

Compromising intelligence gathering tradecraft and data, for technical, behavioural and organizational measures to be effective, it is important that security staff have time, and the tools to monitor, assess and analyze the output of monitoring systems. Also, to seek out and counter electronic surveillance, wiretapping is the most effective method of preventing the loss of confidential data and information.

Even physical attacks, surveillance teams have been established and other preventive measures have been put in place. As a matter of fact, an understanding of the fundamental types of surveillance attacks is a prerequisite to understanding counter measure equipment.

Want to check how your Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Processes are performing? You don’t know what you don’t know. Find out with our Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Self Assessment Toolkit: