One of the most effective ways in enticing people to read a certain blog more is though using teasers. A teaser is a short description about a certain post that will make the reader interested to read more of the blog. Usually, these teasers have the “read more” link. WordPress users can use this same teaser method for all their blogs through the WordPress Read More.

With the unique WordPress Read More features, users are given the easy as well as customizable method and technique to make teasers.

The first technique is to know how to basically use excerpts. The user can take a very enticing paragraph from the blog post or make one or more sentences that will describe the blog post. The chosen or made excerpts can be made by using two methods. First, it can be by replacing the template tag called “the content ()” with the “the excerpt ().” With this, the first 55 words of the blog will be displayed as an excerpt. To read more using this technique, the reader just has to click the title.

Another method to display an excerpt is through using the template tag “the content ()” and insert the quicktag called “more” into the user’s desired point on the blog post. This method allows the user to include italic, bold, links, and other elements. To read more using this method, the reader just need to click the link labeled “more.”

Jumping from one page to another can also be used for the WordPress Read More. This method basically loads the page that a certain link should jump into.

With these very simple processes, WordPress Read More is surely more than just a very helpful tool for WordPress bloggers.

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