In order to come up with the best podcasting, whether it is used for your company or personally gaining fame and credit, you will need to inject some modern techniques and strategies that no one has dared try doing. Although to some this may seem very risky, making use of these modern techniques can potentially result into a soaring high success.  

Below are some of the widely used and effective techniques and strategies that a lot of podcasters have tried to use:

a.    Limiting the podcast into a relatively short running time frame.  People who listen to music easily get tired of having the same type of melody and rhythm. Instead of engaging into a long running podcast that bore listeners, why not cut it short and make it beefy.  Usually, a podcast that is neither too short nor too long is something in between 10-12 minutes of running time.
b.    Collect the music files you are very much passionate about and research the ones that you do not have knowledge with.  Fusion is one of the widely used techniques in the music arena.  When you are able to fuse varied and dynamic music that resulted into a well blended output, then you have just created a podcast that could lead to success.
c.    Experiment with courage.  Novelty is one of the things that make a podcast stand out.  You can only achieve novelty when you are not afraid to try something new and innovative. It is only through experimenting on these things that you can at least try to achieve novelty.  

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