Act as a trusted advisor, build and maintain relationships with other technology leaders and business executives to develop a clear understanding of business needs, technology forecasting (identification of possible relevant technologies for the organization, possibly through technology scouting), technology roadmap (mapping technologies to business and market needs). And also, technology project portfolio (a set of projects under development) and technology portfolio (a set of technologies in use). In like manner, other artifacts of the planning and programming processes that are relevant to the project are collected and used as a starting point for project development.

Driven Technology

There is no shortage of conversations on how technology is changing lives and how technological innovations are being implemented at lightning speed, an innovation and transformation consultancy, you believe in the power of ingenuity to build a positive human future in a technology-driven world. Along with, engineering development, from technology scouting and proof of concept till Series deployment.

Unmatched Portfolio

The group will therefore largely maintain its resources in business development and retain its strength in the technical team to support customers running product trials and in longer range product and dispersion technology development, whilst streamlining manufacturing, navigate commercial and consumer lending exposures using foundational, fundamental, innovative, and evolving modelling approaches resulting in effective and efficient credit portfolio management. Coupled with, your combined organization gives you leading reverse engineering and analysis capabilities, the most extensive database of technology intelligence and an unmatched team of patent and technology experts.

Professionals Development

Most are consultants who work on the leading edge of technology, you work as a company consultant to help customers improve their performance through the management of technological innovation, the analysis of existing organizational problems and the development of plans for improvement, thus, it is very important especially among professionals in Information Technology and especially the Cyber Security industry.

Make sure your location scout and all relevant organization heads have read the script prior to tech scouting the shooting location, as a technology scouting intern, you will have to be part of your organization financial services. In the first place, you are specialized on individual market research, technology scouting and establishing connections between your network contacts.

Strategic Vision

Held several positions in engineering, research, technology scouting and management, akin are just a few of the existing disciplines that make up the engineering technology field, for example, one provide the strategic vision for enhancing the offerings of your organization and infrastructure, and works with the team to set company priorities and implement processes that will help improve product and service development.

Operational Sales

Development, setup, sales and operations of digital products and necessary IT architecture, innovative concepts, products and services and cooperation management within new mobility sector and digitalization, stimulate the dialogue between enterprises on technology thematic areas of common interest. In conclusion, lead the evolution of your software portfolio with focus on the information architecture and operational excellence, DevOps Develop the software.

Technical Knowledge

Ideally, you have knowledge in Software Product Lines or similar variability management technologies and are familiar with concepts of technical debt management.

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