You want to focus on your production and you also felt the need that the consuming public needs to be informed of your upcoming product line to be out in the market soon.  Your product being new would also require customer assistance on how it should be handled. Your product manual, posters and advertisements are not enough to make your product be publicly known to be existent.

With the rise of call centers, marketing as well as providing service support to customers becomes easy.  Sales or service call center is an office that handles the telemarketing of products and provides a support help to customers.  Agents in sales or service call centers experience high stress as they deal directly with customers. Most often, telemarketing call centers would experienced being hang up or take their call as joke.  Staff to be hired then should have a lot of patience and understanding to people that they talked to.  

Telemarketing has been found to be more cost effective as you dont have to go house to house, store to store and advertise just for your product to be heard and known.  Sales or service call centers place calls to potential customers.  Products are introduced and most often offer free trial.  They may either mail free kit about their product or send a package through potential customers.  Call service sales or service performance are monitored as it is expected that a good turn out will be reached in the end.

Reduce your costs and make your product be known, the call center sales or service will do the task.


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