Templates for IT governance contain information regarding how a particular website for Information Technology Governance should be downloaded. It consist of what is to be included or excluded, how  to retrieve the information needed, the type of file and filters to be used. Templates permit the editors to apply different functions. There are lots of templates that exist and are very useful for IT Governance if only you know how to use it properly.

Some templates that can be downloaded provide a view of the steps that are required to the implementation of IT governance in a particular organization. There are different tasks that must be done including the use of IT governance, the phase for envisioning the government, and establishing the framework of the governance. To establish the framework of the governance according to the sample template, the structure of the governance membership and the reporting of IT must be determined. After determining the required parameters mentioned, next is to establish the statement for strategic value and the monitoring guidelines for the development of the system. Next step is to establish the goals for the environment of the IT governance of the organization then develop a document for the initiation of the system.  After the completion of the first phase which is the envisioning phase, the next phase is the planning phase. In this phase, the requirements for the governance of the business must be detailed, and lastly, the workflow of the governance must be defined. If the template is followed correctly, the success of the organization is possible.

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