Web analytics is a very critical process to the success of an online business.  But web analytics can be a costly process for some companies. Good thing there are web analytics tools available for free, making the process cheaper and almost at no cost.

There may be a lot of free web analytics tools in the world but there are only 10 of them that are considered the best. Included to the 10 best free web analytics tools are the Clicky, Enquisite, CrazyEgg, 103bees, Measure Map, whos.amung.us, FeedBurner, Snoop, ClickTale, and MyBlogLog.

MyBlogLog is among the most important tools for blogsites but this also offers other services like various statistics, referral information, and clicking habit. ClickTale, on the other hand, may be used to record all the activities and actions of the website visitors. Snoop provides real-time tracking of visitors. It may also reveal the page-by-page activity of the website visitor. Meanwhile, FeedBurner is used for blogsites. It offers in-depth statistics and other general statistics for blogs.

Moreover, the whos.amung.us is used to count the visitors of the website. It can display the total number of visitors on a certain website at a given span of time. The Measure Map provides bloggers free and comprehensive web stats while the 103bees can be used for real-time analysis of search engine. CrazyEgg, on the other hand, can track, optimize, and evaluate the visitor’s activities depending on where he clicks on the website.

The Enquisite is more focused on the PPC traffic as well as the incoming results from search engine. Lastly, the Clicky can be used for blogsites and small websites. It offers real-time tracking of the visitor’s activities as well as in-depth analysis of contents.

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