There are seven modules that covers the ECDL exam.  These modules are basic concepts of IT, using the computer and managing files, word processing,spreadsheets, database,presentation, information and communication.  Most ECDL training providers have sample test papers for ECDL candidates to practice their skills.  Sample test are given for each module.  The sample test allows you to get an idea of the type of questions given out during the actual ECDL examination.

ECDL sample test questions are in multiple choice questions and answers to those questions are explained in detail, to give you a better understanding why the answer is arrived at.  It is an excellent way of preparing for your actual ECDL exam. 

The ECDL sample test provides an indication of the scope and approach used within the ECDL standard tests. The passing mark for each module is 75%.  The number of items given on each module is 36.  A candidate should at least get 27 to get a passing mark.   The Sample test items are based on the ECDL Syllabus.  Most often questions on the sample test are derived from previous ECDL exams.  The sample test are preapared by industry experts. The sample test is important in monitoring your progress and your level of knowledge in computing.  It also familiarizes you on how testing software works.  Applications and formatting functions are included in the sample test.  You would be ask to apply actions on a given tasks which may involve calculations.

ECDL sample test is a tool in making the ECDL exam easy for you.  Get on that sample test and start assessing how well your knowledge is in computer.

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