(Formerly known as the Interagency Resource T eam or IRT)
The Adult and Aging Multidisciplinary Team is available to you to help you find ways to work with your difficult clients, non-compliant clients, clients unwilling to accept services or clients who seem to fall between the cracks of our local health and human services system.
The Multidisciplinary Team provides consultation and direction. It can help you decide what can be done and who will do it. It is an opportunity for you, other service providers who work with this client, family member and friends, and the client to come together, to hear each other, to understand what can be accomplished and what cannot.
The Adult and Aging Multidisciplinary Team (AAMDT) is made up of program supervisors from Adult Protective Services, Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Services, Public Health, Public Guardian’s Office and the Sheriff’s Department. Their expertise and experience are available to you.
The Adult and Aging Multidisciplinary Team is available for case consultation every Thursday morning. Linda Bianchi, Adult Protective Services Supervisor, brings together the multidisciplinary team when a case consultation is requested. If you would like to request a case consultation, please call her at 781-1782 or email her at [email protected]
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