Any CISSP Training program offered by different academic training providers should be concerned with the ten domains of the ISC2 Common Body of Knowledge (or CBK). ISC2 CBK encompasses issues regarding access control, applications security, business continuity, cryptography, law and ethics of IS (information security), operations security, environmental security, security architectural design, principles of security management, and telecom-network security.

How does one obtain CISSP training? You can look for various accredited training providers who offer CISSP training through boot camp classes, or the interactive self-study format. In boot camp training, it usually takes a student six days to learn and maximize knowledge absorption. CISSP boot camps may provide practical review seminars, advanced instruction, and practice tests in one package (where the costs of travel and lodging are included in the tuition.) However, if you pursue interactive self-study, a student can just use interactive CD-ROMS (wherein the different CBK domains are loaded), complemented by use of the CBK instructional book. If you sign up for a real class, make sure it comes with a money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the training you got.

How does one discriminate which training provider gives the best CISSP training?  First, confirm the credentials of your IS guru. You may find that a good IS guru has CISSP or Microsoft certification. He is also mainly concerned with delivering content about CBK security domains in accordance with the course materials provided. Be cautious of some schools that do switch-selling. Secondly, consider if the course was modified solely from a book  if so, it probably has conventional content sourced from coverage of the ten CBK domains.

You must be sure that the training provider offers an easy-to-follow course guide so you can discern the coverage about each CBK domain. This makes review easier later on. Furthermore, the school must make it a point to avoid providing ambiguous test questions. And the school must thoroughly evaluate how each student was able to absorb important topics through practice exams during class period.

Getting the CISSP or Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification can now be obtained by simply getting an online tutorial. All you need to do is download the online videos and tutorials to master the application at the luxury of your home or office. There are online tutorial companies that can be accessed by paying a minimal fee. Other CISSP books and tutorials can also be downloaded for free. Here are some benefits in availing the CISSP trainings:

1. This is best for beginners and it has easy to follow tutorials. 2. With this, you can easily pass the examination and get certified in days. 3. Getting this tutorials online will save you more time and money. Now you dont need to pay for classroom based trainings that requires you to attend. 4. By paying for a minimal fee for online video tutorials you can avail the same material that are also used in colleges and universities. 5. This is now considered as convenient new method in teaching that can provide IT professionals a faster way to learn and guarantees high retention of information. 6. You can choose your own time and speed that fits your lifestyle. So if you are working you can get trained after office hours or during break. 7. Aside from having a cheaper tuition, you have the control to rewind, go back, fast forward tutorial videos. So if you are too busy to attend classroom trainings, CISSP online tutorials and videos will definitely help you in taking your career into a higher level.


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