Educators are divided on the issue of how they should treat and use podcasting as an educational tool.  Some strongly believe that podcasting lectures can improve the learning and retention capabilities of students.  On the other hand, some university professors think that podcasting lectures could lead to the destruction of Socratic tradition governing student and teacher relationship.  

There are signs however that podcasting lectures would be very suitable for some students that need special attention.  This is especially true to busy students and  to those enrolled in a distance learning program.  Through podcasting, students would be able to time shift their lectures and listen to them on their chosen schedule.  

Professors, on the other hand, can use podcasting to support and enhance their existing teaching methods.  For example, they can podcast additional lecture materials or create audio recordings of pertinent commentaries which could serve as references for students.

There are many university professors that are adopting podcasting as a new method of instruction.  Some studies point to the effectiveness of such method of learning delivery.  There are signs that students respond well and improvedtheir performance by getting podcasted lectures.  

Podcasting lectures however are not limited to university settings.  Even middle school and grade school students are being introduced to podcasting.  This introduces them to the latest trends in technology and adds a new twist to their learning experience.  

All in all, Podcasting has many uses that may be beneficial to any institution. Educational institutions can take advantage of this new technology to refine and further improve their teaching methodologies.

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