Microsoft was quick in thinking about how the MS SQL Server can perform activities in a more simplified manner and expeditious method.  The creation of the database process was made in a simple and non-taxing means via the implementation and integration of the T-SQL command lines into some form of a block to make it more manageable and easily supervised.  This mechanism is called the SQL Server Stored Procedure.  Specifically, the rationale behind this mechanism is well expounded on the following terms:

a.    The execution of the statement is done on a pre-compiled manner.  What the SQL Server will do is to compile (meaning execute) every procedure that is stored on the database the moment it reaches these procedural statements and then re-utilize the plan all over.  
b.    The Stored procedure clearly reduces the congestion being experienced on the server and the number of clients in line to use it.  The stored procedure can effectively reduce the long wait on the transmission of the queries.
c.    The SQL Server codes and the abstraction lines are capable of being re-used.  The stored procedure can be effectively utilized by many clients programs all at the same time plus multiple users can gain access to it.
d.    The Stored Procedures promote better security mechanisms.  With the SQL Server Stored Procedure, you can actually design a method on giving and granting permission access to every user on a specified level.  This makes the whole server more secure and tightly guarded from potential hackers and unauthorized access.  

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